Uphill Dressage currently offers two in-house instructor/trainers. Lisa Hall is a USDF Bronze Medalist and USDF Silver Medalist. She is also a USDF Certified 4th Level instructor. Tamara Heckman a USDF Bronze Medalist and is working toward her Training Level - 1st Level Instructor certification.


All lessons and training are structured around the training scale to ensure the correct progressive development of horse and rider according to classical principles.  Training may include lunging, free jumping, work over cavalletti, trail riding and hill work as it is important that horses have fun with their work and are not drilled. We do not provide school horses although do have limited ability to offer lessons on select privately owned client horses.  


Both instructors will provide haul in instruction as well as offsite clinics.  


We also provide clinics and presentations from visiting clinicians of regional and national repute. We hope you will come to see us soon and experience Uphill Dressage for yourself. 

Uphill Dressage
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