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  1. No smoking in or within 50 feet of the facility.

  2. Please discuss the placement of horse trailers prior to parking. Side driveways and barn doors cannot be obstructed.

  3. Visitors should be accompanied by the horse owner or staff.

  4. Dogs must be leashed while on premises.

  5. Please be mindful of utilities, turn off lights, heat lamps, room heat, and water when not in use.

  6. Clean up after yourself and your horse in the barn aisles and grooming area. Return brooms, manure forks, etc. to their proper location.

  7. Do not go in the hay loft area without permission

  8. Do not ride in the barn aisle ways.

  9. Do not feed treats to horses without the owner’s permission.

  10. All injuries, accidents, and damages must be brought to the immediate attention of management.

  11. Do not dump horse water buckets in the sink or the toilet.

  12. Damages to the facility by horse, owner, or visitor of the owner are the financial responsibility of the owner.

  13. A washer and dryer are available for saddle pads and polo wraps. It is not used for turnout blanket laundry. Please mark your items properly. If you routinely use the machines please provide laundry detergent periodically. Management does NOT do the laundry.

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