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  1. Call “DOOR” upon entering and leaving the arena. Wait for a response from all riders before proceeding.

  2. All doors are to be closed when riding.

  3. It is the responsibility of the rider to remove manure and cover urine soaked sand in the arena. Horses are not to be left loose and unattended in the arena.

  4. Riding during lessons, with the permission of the in-house instructor, is permitted, although the instructor may ask for exclusive use of the arena in occasional circumstances. Riding during sessions with outside clinicians is not permitted.

  5. Lunging is allowed provided permission is first obtained from any riders present. Choose one end of the arena. Please do not crack the whip or make sudden gestures that may disturb other horses.

  6. Stop your horse and clean their feet after leaving the arena. Make sure the door is closed behind you. Sweep all sand back into the arena.

  7. ASTM/SEI-approved protective equestrian helmet use is mandatory for all riders under 18 years old. It is strongly recommended for all riders.

  8. When riding with other horses and riders, please be aware of your surroundings. You must look up and see what other riders are doing. Pass left shoulder to left shoulder. Maintain at least six feet between horses, especially mares!! Horses being ridden on loose rein and circles should stay on the inside track, allowing enough room for horses on the track to pass safely. Communicate with other riders for more complicated maneuvers. Do not stop on the track or near the door to make tack or clothing adjustments. If space permits do NOT warm up your horse on the track. Make better use of the second track to avoid creating ruts.

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