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Roseberry is our foundation broodmare. She also happens to be our only broodmare! She was purchased in 2011 from High Point Hanoverians. She is turning 10 years old this year.She is in foal with her third offspring, which is due in June 2016. Roseberry was bred to the German Riding Pony stallion, Sweet Rock Solid, aka Stibby. Roseberry’s sire is the 1998 Imported Black Hanoverian Stallion, Rosenthal. He currently stands at High Point Hanoverians in Chestertown, MD. Their description of him follows: “A leading producer of multiple breeds, Rosenthal adds both beauty and temperament. His offspring are simply stunning with beautiful conformation and excellent heads that catch the judges eye before they make it around the triangle.” Rosenthal’s sire was the Rubenstein I. Rubenstein, through Rosenthal leave an unquestionable stamp of looks and temperament on all of their offspring. Roseberry’s dam is a thoroughbred mare, Dorada, from the thoroughbred sire Sir Wimborne. Dorada was an outstanding athlete in her own right. She was once the Olympic hopeful mount of Bruce Davidson. After weaning her colt, Stoli UHD, in late October 2015 we decided to put Roseberry in light work to keep her girlish figure. After four years of not being under saddle Roseberry, we started her as we would a youngster on the lunge line. She quickly got back into the swing of things and after two or three sessions. Lisa Hall, was taking her for a walk around the arena. She has now been back in work for a little over two months and is able to give lunge lessons and be ridden by amateurs and professionals alike. I jokingly told Lisa that if all horses were like Roseberry we would both be quickly out of a job. Roseberry has the temperament and rideability that is the holy grail for the amateur rider. We are hopeful that her offspring, Sinsational, a filly born in 2014 by Sinatra Song, and Stoli UHD born in 2015 by Sinatra Song carry on these irresistable traits. I have included a brief video of Roseberry being ridden by Lisa Hall, our head instructor and also Molly Marino, a student of Lisa’s. So many times you hear the bloodlines of the mare and hear about the athletic quality of the stallion but you don’t often get to see the mare herself in action!!"

The VADA/Nova Breeding Classic & Summer I Dressage Festival was held June 10, 2016 at Morven Park, Leesburg, VA. Two young dressage prospects, from Uphill Dressage, made their in-hand breed show debut - Stoli UHD - Sinatra Song/Rosenthal/Sir Wimborne xx, 2016 colt, bred and owned by Tami & Chris Heckman, and Rum-N-Coke - Rosenthal/Sinatra Song/Sir Wimborne xx, 2016 gelding, bred by High Point Hanoverians and owned by Tami & Chris Heckman. Both horses made a big splash in the Oldenburg/GOV class with Stoli taking First place with a 79.175% and Rum-n-Coke third place with a 76.150%. Stoli also came in Fourth in the Yearling Colt/ Gelding class earlier in the day with a 74.850%. He was a touch distracted, as he had to wait in the warm up arena for the Filly Championship to finish!! Both horses have shown that they have above average athletic ability and also great temperaments. Both are seasoned travelers at this age of fifteen months plus. They trailer well and settle quietly into their new environments. We will continue to post updates as they continue their journey as young dressage prospects!

Stoli UHD
Stoli at Inspection
Stoli 7.15
stoli at inspection
Stoli and Roseberry
Racha UHD
racha rum coke heckmans
racha up and coming
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