Lisa is a USDF Bronze Medalist and USDF Silver Medalist. She is also a USDF Certified 4th Level instructor. She learned to ride while growing up in Germany. While she has been riding and teaching her whole life, Lisa made teaching dressage her career after graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Education and German.


While there are many different teaching styles. Lisa adheres to the German classical approach and strongly believes in the well-being of her horses. In her lessons, Lisa emphasizes the rider’s seat and how it influences the horse’s movement, as well as the development of a harmonious understanding between the horse and rider.


All lessons and training are structured around the training scale to ensure the correct and progressive development of the horse and rider according to classical principles.


Lisa also offers coaching to established clients at shows and professional assistance in horse searching for compatible, appropriate prospects.  She is fluent in English and German.

Uphill Dressage
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